a quick, easy and comfortable sleep apnea diagnostic solution.
Typically, sleep apnea diagnosis is an expensive and uncomfortable procedure done at the sleep lab overnight. Aer provides a comfortable setup which can be used at home or lab thus reducing the bottleneck of patients waiting to get diagnosed.


a better diagnostic experience for patients and technicians.
Responsibilities: User research, ethnographic research, competition mapping, concept sketching & prototyping, user testing, storyboard, CAD.

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a respiratory condition characterized by pause in breathing during sleep

Diagnostic device research

Device evolution map, helped me understand the gaps in current technology. There is a recent rise in portable diagnostic solutions, a push for at home setups and lack of child friendly designs
Competitor map, helped me identify opportunity space. A need for low signal channels and affordable setup.
Empathy map, helped me empathize with the users and understand pain points
Physiological signal map, to understand various locations on body where sensors can be placed. A useful brainstorming tool.
Participant map, to target a wide range of users and have a larger impact.

User guide

Experience map, helped me understand and map the entire diagnostic system


Ideation & Prototyping

User testing

Improvements based on feedback

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