HP - Intel Design Competition 2017
Responsibilities: Team lead, User research, Concept development, CAD
Silvr improves the food chopping experience in zero gravity

Imagine chopping vegetables in zero gravity.

Typically astronauts need to do a lot of adjustments before they can easily chop vegetables. These include strapping it onto the table and to avoid making a floating mess


To understand our users we interviewed an astronaut via skype and watched various food preparation videos posted by astronauts. Chopping fresh vegetables was the most tedious task

Concept sketch

"We have too many features, causing feature creep"

Inspiration for how to make it work...

Understanding different innovative chopping products in the market helped generate lots of ideas 

"Focusing on must have features" how it might look like

Understanding dominant tones and accent colors in kitchen products helps define the overall theme. Concepts made digitally with parting lines provide more realism to the product. Leg detail gives the product an aesthetic fit for a space station.

Hold and chop

Collect and squeeze out

Concept video:

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