Stryker restraints

In collaboration with Stryker
Responsibilities: User research (as a studio), Concept prototyping and development, CAD and rendering, Defining storyboard
Provides quick and simple restraining device in stressful situations

Typically, nurses are under a lot of stress while trying to restraint a violent patient in a humane way. The current available systems do not take into consideration the entire act of restraining but focuses only on the end result 


User experience map helps us understand paint points in the restraining process
Identifying key criteria from extensive interviews with Nurses at Grady Hospital
Roleplaying as a studio to understand the difficulties and gain empathy for our target users
Restraining large portion of body and especially the legs made it a lot easier
Tie points on bed are difficult to find and time consuming
Patient feels claustrophobia and loss of hand is traumatic
Initial restraining can be tough 

Opportunity area

A look at the market


Only joint mobilisation wasn't enough to restraint patient
Full body capture prevent swinging motion, even in paper

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